Not quite as innocent as it looks

Two of my friends David and Laura Hughes found a cool insect at the Great Caterpillar Expedition in Adams County at the Eullett Center near West Union, Ohio. Take a look below at this insect. I bet your first guess would be this is a walking stick.

Thread-legged assisn bug-6135However looks can be deceiving and deadly. Let’s zoom in and take a closer look at the head

Head of thread legged assasin bug-6137


Hmm that’s a proboscis, this isn’t a walking stick! This is a thread legged assassin bug! This is a predator and a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. These insects capture prey like a praying mantis using their forearms. Then they pierce and paralyze their prey with that proboscis. Then the inject special saliva that they use to dissolve and slurp up their prey.  Just for comparison here is a walking stick. If you notice the walking stick is a little sturdier built and lacks the piercing mouth parts.

DSC_6009 DSC_6014