Bumble Flower Beetle (Euphoria inda)


Came across a bunch of these Bumble Flower Beetles  (Euphoria inda) in Shawnee State Forest in Scioto County, Ohio. When I first saw these flying I indeed thought they were bumble bees. They were flying low over dead leaves in roadside ditches. These were quite difficult to photograph as they would land and quickly go under leaves. After much stalking I finally managed to capture this image of one. These beetles are in the family Scarabaeidae and are related to June and May beetles that we see around our lights in the spring and summer.  The adults emerge in the fall and over winter coming out in the spring to lay eggs in dead organic matter. In researching these I also learned that unlike most beetles these beetles do not open their elytra (wing covers) when flying. This causes them to make a very bumble bee like buzzing noise as they fly.