MayFly Nymph and Adult

My long ignored blog deserves some love. I’ve really been into aquatic insects recently and while wading around in a vernal pool I came across a MayFly Nymph. I captured it in a container and brought it home to take pictures of it. I ended up making a couple of small aquariums to make photography a little easier. It took about 120 shots but I got a pretty cool image of a swimming nymph





I caught a few more of them and raised them to adulthood. Below is a picture of an adult. These will only live for a few days, just long enough to breed.






Mayflies belong to the order Ephemeroptera and there are approximately 630 species in North America alone. In Ohio where I live there are around 114 species. Mayflies are very intolerant of polluted waters and are often used as one of the indicators of water quality. At times these insects can be a nuisance as they tend to emerge in mass coating every surface. They will only be around for a short time however, once they mate the females will lay thousands of eggs and both will die. The eggs will hatch and a new brood of nymphs will spend a year in the water to repeat the cycle.

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