The Brown Lacewing

Well bug season is winding down but I’m still finding a few around. The other evening I found this Brown Lacewing on the porch. These insects are not as showy as their brilliant green cousins but up close they are equally striking.  These insects are dead leaf mimics and I can certainly see why. If you look at the wings they have long veins much like a leaf. All of the Lacewings are important predators of other insects especially aphids.

Here are a couple of close ups of this insect. It was really curious and allowed me to move in close and do some 3x shots.

This shows some details of the back and wing attachment also some nice detail in the antennae (click on the image large image)




I got great eye detail in this shot. Not only did it hold still for this it was actually looking at the camera. (Click on the image for larger view)



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